Field Of Application

PP-RC pipes can be used with the installation of internal sewerage systems, organization of outlet system of soil and effluents, and also outlet of sewages (because of the high chemical resistance, the impact toughness, the ability to maintain elevated pressure and good welded properties).

For the cold water supply(temperature of the transported medium to +20 degree C) are produced the pipes by nominal operating pressure 1 MPa-PN10 or 1,6MPa-PN16;for the systems of hot water supply (temperature up to +75 degree C) and heating (temperature to + 90 degree C) by nominal pressure 2 MPa – PN20 and 2,5 MPa- PN25(reinforced).Furthermore, are let out the adapters from polypropylene and the combined details, which have in their construction the brass pressed mounting with the external or internal thread, which makes it possible easily to pass from the polypropylene to the metal.

  • Hot and cold water supplying pipes
  • Sanitary lines
  • Water lines
  • Water purifying plants
  • Lines for conveying liquid food products
  • Pipes for agriculture use
  • Radiator heating pipes
  • Under floor heating pipes
  • Industrial systems like
  • Conveying air pressure
  • Aggressive fluids like acids and alkaline solutions

PPRC Pipes Specifications

CIVIC PPRC Pipe SDR-6 PN-20 PP-R 80 DIN 8077 / 78

20 3.4
25 4.2
32 5.4
40 6.7
50 8.3
63 10.5

Cleaning the pipe and fitting

Clean the outer and Inner surfaces with a clean cloth or tissue paper


Welding machine is heated to a temperature of 260 degree centigrade.

Heating the pipe and fitting

The pipe and fitting are put together at the same time into the welding socket.

Heating Time

Pipe and fitting are heated for the time according to above chart.


Pipe and fitting removed from welding machine are joined to one another immediately and without turning.


Once joined,wait for cooling as per the time given.

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